Moore and Fuller Families of Australia  


Shirley Agnes Sanderson

Granddaughter of Claude Fuller


Great great great granddaughter of

William Moore 


Dedicated  to  my  children - Clare  Lesley,  Aird,  Ian  and  Duncan  John who  carry 

all  those  fine  qualities of  strength  and endurance  found  in  our  Australian  ancestors.




Cousins from Australia, South Africa, England and America  have sent me their  family material for this website.


This is their story …..


And it  is  also  mine.








My son Duncan, my daughter-in-law Noeleen and my grandchildren Hayleigh and Cameron emigrated from England to Australia at the end of 2006.   Duncan, through the internet, discovered two cousins in Australia - Allen Maunder and Greg Weekes - who both forwarded their family trees to him.    This early information was very exciting for both Duncan and me as apart from a few family names and dates included in a booklet about Claude Fuller,  we had no knowledge of either Moore or Fuller relatives.


Allen Maunder - a descendant of William and Eleanor Moore and their eldest son William Moore Junior - was the first cousin to get in touch with Duncan.  He sent Duncan an interesting amount of information about William Moore and Eleanor Wise and I contacted him when I visited Australia in 2007.  Without this contact, this book would not have been written and I would not have found my Australian cousins. 


I would at the outset like to express my grateful thanks to Allen who has answered my questions from the beginning (sometimes rather foolish ones) with endless patience, who has generously provided family material and whose knowledge has been invaluable.   He has also given me very useful hints about the more mysterious workings of a computer!  


Special thanks go to Allen for checking the whole manuscript for possible family or historical errors. 


When I was visiting my family in 2007, the State of Victoria held a Seniors’ Week.   One of the activities offered was held at the Institute of Genealogical Research at Blackburn.   The staff offered generous help to the point of doing the research for you!   I made the trip by train and bus - meeting interesting people on the way.  I spent a full day there.   It was here that I found a first reference to Edward Fuller Senior and Elizabeth Pendegrass.   I also enjoyed reading about the ships our ancestors sailed on.


Second cousins Sandra Fuller and Penny Fuller have researched the Fuller family history with most interesting results.   Through their efforts the Fuller story has come alive.   I thank them both not only for the research but for all their support and encouragement.


All this information triggered off a second book about our Australian family history (which should have been the first!) and I hope present family and future descendants will enjoy this book and find it useful to discover their roots.  Since returning from Australia in 2007, Genes Reunited has put me in touch with family in Australia as well as those in England, South Africa and the USA.   All the family have been wonderfully generous in providing information.   Family members have also been kind and helpful in checking their particular chapters for me.   My thanks to you all.   


My thanks go to the Haywards Heath U3A Family History Group 2.   I may not have embarked on the first booklet without their support and encouragement.    In particular I thank my friend and member of this group - Ann Corbishley. She has a wonderful knack of finding interesting bits of information and helpful websites. Shortly before leaving for Australia in 2007, I mentioned the family tree we had received from Allen Maunder.    Ann googled the name William Moore and found Ruth Hunt’s website.


Special thanks to my son Ian Sanderson who lives in Lindfield, England for editing the main section of this work and for making very helpful suggestions.  He has also rescued this silver surfer from many computer problems - taught her to cut, paste, crop and much more - all mysterious activities at the time. 


Thank you to my daughter Clare who lives in England and to my son Duncan in Australia who have both encouraged me to keep writing.  Duncan has sent me helpful information that he finds on the internet and has always been interested in our family history.   My son Aird, who lives in South Africa, has from a young boy also been interested in the family history. 


I have included background information about England and Australia simply because family and future descendants in Australia may or may not know much about English history and family outside of Australia may not know about that country.   I have also added in a little about South Africa.


Future family historians please note that Shaun Mataciunas’s birth date is the 18th July 1981 and not 18th November 1981 as reflected in the Claude Fuller booklet.   The 18th November was his great grandmother’s birthday!  The 18th July is also the birth date of our great Nelson Mandela (past President of South Africa) in honour of whom on the 29th August 2007 a statue was unveiled in Parliament Square, London.


I have made a promise to some members of the family not to include information about living relatives on the internet.    I would be happy should anyone wish to publish any part of this book on the web but please do not include material about any living person without their prior consent.




Further acknowledgments and thanks to:


Simon Schama

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Sky History Channel

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Duncan has two volumes in Australia which contain photographs and photocopies of fairly substantial portions of each of Claude Fuller’s books. 

If any family in Australia or any visiting family member is interested in looking at these, Duncan will have them available and perhaps he will pass them on to his family.  


Should any of our family or descendants travel to South Africa, the originals of Claude Fuller’s books and papers are in the Don Africana and

Killie Campbell libraries in Durban.  Should any of our family or descendants travel to Australia, I am quite sure you will receive a warm welcome from our immediate family and the many cousins there.


As Duncan said in an email in 2007 to one of our Australian cousins:


It seems strange and certainly fortuitous that I have come to Australia - a full circle.


 In 1995 we left South Africa (the land of the mighty Springboks - World Cup 2007 winners!) and moved to Sussex in the UK.  

My wife, Noeleen and I never really enjoyed it over there so we migrated to Australia in 2006. 


My children who were born in the UK love it here and so do we.  We feel like we have slotted in just nicely - like

a little place that was kept just for us so we feel really fortunate.




Shirley Sanderson (born Wood in South Africa)   

Lindfield, West Sussex, England.  2012



I can be contacted by clicking on the "SEND EMAIL" button at the bottom of this page.







When I was asked whether I would like to write a foreword for this book I was pleasantly surprised and, of course, I accepted.  I met Shirley via the Internet when she contacted me in connection with the research I had undertaken concerning my (and Shirley’s) great-great-great grandparents – William Moore and his wife Eleanor Wise, both of them reluctant immigrants from England.



A family history book (or website), such as this one, can always be seen as a very important link between current family members and common ancestors somewhere in the dim dark past. No doubt one of your first thoughts about the book will be to be amazed at the great number of hours, months and years that have been devoted to the gathering of family dates and places, stories, anecdotes and photos which all combine to make the result a family history to be treasured by present – and future – generations.


As I was proof-reading the text for Shirley I could not help but think over and again the amount of time, work and dedication to family that Shirley has so obviously displayed in each and every page.  It is not hard to see that a lifetime of thoughts and fond memories have been captured for us all to see.  Of course. My thoughts also stray to the many other extended family members who have laid a substantial part of the groundwork in the more “remote” areas of Shirley’s extended family tree.


When Shirley first asked me to proof-read the book for her I had thoughts that my eyes would be battling their way through thousands of family names and dates and I had notions of “nodding off” among a tiring array of names and dates.  Not so.


From the book, Australian history springs to life, as does that of South Africa and England.


Of course, a family history can never be complete.  In that family tree book that I was expecting to see, it would have been out of date by the time that you, the reader, first looked at it.  Wisely, Shirley has not tried to scoop up details of absolutely every descendant of the families in this book.  From past experience I know that the details are only as accurate as distant relatives believe them to be.


This work by Shirley gives you a perfect opportunity to document and update your own part of the famil as time passes.  Therefore where possible, for the benefit of your descendants, it is important that you should add your facts to the book as the need arises.  In addition to the cold data of when and where, keep in mind that future relatives will be interested in all of those little family anecdotes that seem to come along when we least expect them.


Congratulations, Shirley, on a job marvellously done.

AFTERTHOUGHT:  This website is just a very-much-shortened version of the book.  Please email (the link is below) for details.



Allen Maunder, descendant of the first child (William junior) of William Moore and Eleanor Wise.

Hawkesbury River area, NSW, Australia  -  July 2012